Lukas Lewark


The Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge invited me for the programme Homology Theories in Low Dimensional Topology in 2017, and I spent a total of four weeks in Cambridge.

The Max Planck Institute for Mathematics invited me to spend October 2016 in Bonn.

The Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn invited me to stay from April till August 2014.


2021: Joint student workshop and research conference Perspectives on quantum link homology theories in Regensburg (I'm one of the organisers)
Swiss Knots in Fribourg (I'm on the scientific committee)
2020: Oberwolfach Workshop "Low-dimensional Topology"
BIRS Workshop about Using Quantum Invariants to do Interesting Topology at Oaxaca (postponed) (talk)
2019: Groups, geometries, and spaces in honour of Alessandra Iozzi at the ETHZ
Workshop on Trisections of smooth 4-manifolds in Matemale (talk)
Knot concordance and low-dimensional manifolds in Le Croisic (talk)
5th Bavarian Geometry & Topology Meeting in Regensburg (I'm one of the organisers)
Swiss Knots at the ETHZ (I'm one of the organisers)
Workshop on 4-manifolds at the MPIM (talk)
Workshop on low-dimensional topology in Regensburg (I'm one of the organisers)
Miniworkshop on geometric group theory at the LMU in Munich
Bavarian Geometry & Topology Meeting VI in Augsburg
2018: Knotted embeddings in dimensions 3 and 4 at the CIRM
Quantum Knot Homology and Supersymmetric Gauge Theories at the Aspen Center for Physics (talk)
2017: Quantum topology and categorified representation theory in Cambridge (talk)
Swiss Knots in Bern (I'm one of the organisers)
2016: Conference on 4-manifolds and knot concordance at the MPIM, Bonn
BIRS Workshop about Synchronizing Smooth and Topological 4-Manifolds (talk)
2015: La Llagonne
Categorification in Algebra, Geometry and Physics in Cargèse
Swiss Knots in Geneva
Joint AMS-EMS-SPM meeting in Porto (talk)
2014: Knots in Washington XXXVII (talk)
Topologie géométrique et quantique en dimension 3 at the CIRM
Oberwolfach Workshop "Topologie" (talk)
DMV-PTM Joint Meeting in Poznań (talk)
2013: Swiss Knots in Bern (talk)
Young topology meeting in London (talk)
Workshop on "Geometry and topology of smooth 4-manifolds" in Bonn (talk)
Short Course on Topology in Low Dimensions in Durham
2012: La Llagonne (talk)
Topologie quantique et catégorification in Marseille (talks)
2011: La Llagonne (talk)
Invariants pour la topologie de basse dimension in Vannes
Swiss Knots in Thun
Quantum groups, categorification and braids in Strasbourg
2010: La Llagonne (talk)
Knots in Poland III in Będlewo
Winter Braids in Pau
2009: Swiss Knots in Fribourg
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