Lukas Lewark
Regensburg Research group

My Emmy Noether Independent Junior Research Group currently consists of my PhD student Damian Iltgen, who defended his thesis Higher and Quantum Invariants of Knots on 9 February 2023.

Other people at the Regensburg math department working in related areas include:

The following seminars take place at Regensburg during the semester (October till February, and April till July):

The [K-OS] Knot online seminar is an online research seminar organized by Alexandra Kjuchukova, Louis-Hadrien Robert, Emmanuel Wagner and me. It takes place on the third Thursday of every month (throughout the year), from 16:00–17:00.

Furthermore, the Regensburg math department is home of the SFB "Higher Invariants", a long-term mathematical collaborative research centre funded by the DFG.